Assalamu-"Alaykum & Welcome to the Haven!

You are currently visitng the Hijab Haven Shopping Mall.

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Welcome to the Hijab Haven Shopping Mall!


Hijab Haven presents a gateway to Muslimah fashion...

Are you...

  • Furnishing your wardrobe essentials?
  • Looking for something new to wear?
  • Buying a present for someone special?
  • Hoping to shop around in just one place?
  • Looking for ways to strengthen your Deen?
  • Wishing to learn more about Hijab and Islam?

If you have answered YES to at least ONE of the above, you have come to the right place!

Islamic Boutique

Hijab Haven is designed especially for you, The Muslim Shopper, with all the Islamic resources you need, to complete the passion of a Muslimah, through Islamic fashion.


Hijab Haven gives you the choice of your Muslimah essentials -

  • Modest apparel for your active lifestyle outdoors,
  • Dress-down outfits for the relaxing indoors,
  • Accessories that match your style for the day,
  • Lingerie and nightgowns that greet the night,

So, enjoy your visit...

Kick back your feet, take a break and have a look around the haven. There may be something just for you!

Al Jilbab

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